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Beerbellie is required to provide you with this privacy policy. In true Beerbellie
fashion we encourage you to grab another beer while we BRIEFLY explain our
commitment to your privacy. Who really reads these things anyway?

Due to the fact that needless Web advertisements clutter our e-mail boxes and
pop-up ads have caused spillage near our keyboard, we promise to keep any
information gathered from you, confidential. In other words, we hope you purchase
our products and as a result we don't want to tick you off. We will only collect the
necessary information from you to complete a business transaction. We won't use
the info to electronically harass you the rest of your on-line life. You are our
customer and we want an open, honest relationship with you. We will not sell your
information to anyone. Not even to the highest bidder. You'll never have to "log in"
to our site so we can track your every move. We anticipate that most of our visitors
will be in no condition to remember their password when the visit us anyway. We
want to make beer buddies, not Web based enemies. Your personal information is
only collected when a purchase is made.

When you do place an order, you are agreeing to allow us to notify you when OUR
next big product offering or book will be available. This will be the extent to which we
will solicit you. Rest assured that this should only happen once or twice a year since
we are not clever enough to develop an abundance of new products on a regular
basis. Books take even longer to write and publish. Trust us. You wouldn't believe
how many proofreaders missed the spelling error of "sacasism"(sarcasm). We
discovered it right before printing.

We will also make you aware of Yahoo's privacy policy since we use them for our
store front and Web site building. If you feel that they have violated your privacy, let
us know and we will withhold their beer money.

Children under 21 get out of here and go to Facebook right now!!!! You're not
welcome on a site that promotes beer for weight loss. We offer you nothing and
encourage you to spend more time outside being physically active and less time on
your computer. This will save you many weight-related health problems in the
future. Go on, get out of here.

If you have any questions or comments, we can be reached  at: