Beerbellie Sales Pitch
We have explored the Web to get ideas for selling and to see how other companies are pushing their products.
One common tactic is claiming a product should cost more than it does and offer a great savings to the customer.
... speaking of price and value(here comes our favorite sales scheme). You won't want to
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See what we mean. Anyone can claim their product should cost more and offer you a "special" deal. We
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The New Beerbellie Diet
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Place your order for the only diet
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the weight loss industry one, big
nasty hangover.
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No wonder Bob drinks beer...
Please note: We can only ship in the USA. Overseas shipping costs are too prohibitive for
our modest budget. We have limited books left and hope to have an electronic version of
The New Beerbellie Diet and the Search For A Six-Pack sometime in the near
future so Bob's adventure can be shared anywhere beer is available. To all our foreign
beer lovers; we sincerely appreciate your interest and wish you the best. Here's to you!!