About the Author
Timothy J. Kaminski works as a Technical Support
Specialist for a lighting company in a suburb of
Chicago. His hobbies after work have compelled him to
create this book. He lives in Illinois with Kristin, his wife
of 28 years. They have 3 children.
Almost all of legal
drinking age.

His inspiration for this book has evolved over the
years as the public has been bombarded with
advertisements for products promoting weight loss and
good health. Every advertisement claims the
results are not typical and the product is most
effective when combined with a reduced-calorie diet
and exercise program. If this is true, then almost
anything can be “supplemented” in the diet and cause
weight loss as long as total calories are reduced and
an exercise program is included. He believes this to
be a logical assumption.

He is also tired of seeing all the beautiful people
demonstrating exercises. He believes it is time to show
what the regular guy goes through. Enter ...
The New
Beerbellie Diet
and the Search For A Six-Pack.

Timothy  believes there are no supplements that make
a person fit, it must come from within. In his humble
opinion, most diet and fitness books are lacking
certain qualities to keep the reader awake. He hopes
this one will be different.

Timothy also requests that you grab yourself a cold
one if you like. He wrote this book with big words and
lots of pictures so that it can easily be read while
enjoying a beer or visiting the bathroom. Or both.
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