About the Artist
Brian Diskin is a soon to be out-of-debt humorous illustrator. Although some parts of his
early life are a bit "sketchy," he grew up outside of Chicago and graduated from Northern
Illinois University with a degree in commercial illustration, after which he taught himself
cartooning. Brian's art has appeared in many books, including
The Golfer's Personal
, 5 Lines:Limericks On Ice and the Stop Faking It! science book series for
educators. He also teaches watercolor and cartooning techniques. His art can be found
in newspapers, on greeting cards, on T-shirts and on a great number of refrigerators.
While he’s certain that you will immensely enjoy his work in
“The New Beerbellie
and the Search For A Six-Pack”, he’s more pleased about the small chunk of
change he gets from the purchase price. Visit him at
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Here are some more samples of Brians artwork from
The New Beerbellie Diet and the Search For A Six-Pack