The New Beerbellie Diet
and the Search For A Six-Pack
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"This book is a humorous and fresh approach to a weight loss problem that
has been on going for too many years. As a certified trainer for the last 15
years, I have heard more than my share of quick fixes and remedies.
New Beerbellie Diet and the Search For A Six-Pack'
tells the reader the
one thing I tell my clients. Nothing replaces a well-balanced meal, proper
exercise, a good nights sleep and most of all, consistency in a weight loss
program. For some people this is a much needed lifestyle change."    
Russ Felix, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

The moment I laid my eyes in this book, I’ve had to read it till the end! It is a
remarkably easy to read book that is generously filled with tips, facts, cool
drawings and good common sense. This book is fun to read, the author
really likes beer (it shows) and the overall writing style is addictive.
The author, Timothy J. Kaminski, is doing a terrific job at explaining how a
beer drinker’s metabolism reacts to all the different elements comprised in
our eating habits. His book is then packed with an exercise plan and a 30
day menu that will enable you to have plenty of good ones without having
remorse....This book is a must for serious beer drinkers who want to know
about health, act about it and live longer. I believe this is an amazingly
unique book.                         - Alexis at
Dear Tim:
I recently finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed
it. The common sense approach to physical fitness, excercise and diet expounded
upon in the text was simple to comprehend and was complete with helpful examples
for implementation. Your writing technique and illustrations, which infused a bit of
humor into the process, made for easy reading.
I've begun my own program using much information from the book and am proud to
say, that I've lost eleven pounds over the course of my first eight weeks leaving
approximately forty-nine to go. I'm endeavoring to stay the course!
Congratulations on a well written document and best wishes for robust sales.

Sincerely, Scott S.
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This book rocks as much as
beer does. It told my true story
in astonishing detail with lots of
information and humor along
the way. A must read for any
dieter who wants to have fun
along the way.
 Bob Beerbellie
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